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9 Days of New Year’s Resolutions | Number 6

6. My poor feet. When they say summers in Florida are blistering, they are not just talking about the heat. They are talking also about foot care.

As great a year as I had, my feet can’t say the same. I trudged them through sand and sea; I squeezed them into some terribly uncomfortable shoes masquerading as comfortable yet sassy; and to say I blistered them is the understatement of the year. I bought three pairs of flats to wear at weddings this year, but all of them left me wanting to kill myself by the end of the night. What will we not do for fashion?

And then it dawned on me. How could I forget the coolest invention in foot care since shoes were invented and parents could no longer say they had to walk barefoot through the snow to school every day? Anyone know?

Dr. Scholl’s Massaging Gel insoles and inserts, of course. I used to wear them once upon a time when I was a bartender at Sam Snead’s Tavern (the homemade blue cheese-stuffed olives are de-lish!). Those insoles were a lifesaver, and I was gellin’ like a felon.

I resolve in 2012 to stop punishing my feet and start gellin’ at every wedding so that nothing slows me down. In fact, there’s no tellin’ how much I’ll be gellin’. And I’ll save the zinfandellin’ for after the wedding. Are you gellin’ yet?

Tune in tomorrow and every day until New Year’s Day to learn more about 2011’s best lessons and my plans for 2012.

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